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Transition Fitting Steel to Polyethylene ¾”

Transition Fitting Steel to Polyethylene ¾”

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General Specification

Steel-to-Polyethylene Transition fitting comprises of Carbon Steel & Polyethylene parts and a mechanical joint design that provides 2 seals plus a resistance to a force on the pipe end equal to or greater than that which will cause permanent deformation of the pipe.

Steel Part

  1. ERW carbon steel line pipe conforms with the requirement of API 5L Grade-B (latest
  2. External socket of transition joint is cut from Carbon Steel pipe in accordance with API
    5L Grade-B (latest edition) 
  3. Electric Welding of external socket of transition joint with Carbon Steel Pipe is in
    accordance to API-1104.  
  4. Carbon Steel section of the Transition Fitting has grey color external powder
    protective coating Corro-Coat PE-F-1307 procured from JOTUN which is suitable
    for outdoor above ground application on Natural Gas System and has a minimum
    thickness of 120 microns.  
  5. 7 tanks Zinc Phosphate Pre-treatment process of steel pipe and the timing of each
    process is carried out as recommended by our Powder Coating manufacturer.  
  6. 7-Tank Process consists of following:-  

1) Degreasing
2) De-rusting (pickling)
3) Rinsing
4) Zinc Phosphating + Toning
5) Rinsing
6) Passivation by chromic acid sealant
7) Drying

Threads on Steel Pipe

The steel pipe of transition fitting has 3/4” BSPT threads (3/4” long) in
accordance with BS-21 with the following characteristics. 

  • Taper 1deg47’ 
  • Truncation of roots and
    crests are rounded 
  • Pitch 1.814mm 
  • Thread Height 1.162mm 
  • Thread angle 55deg 

Polyethylene Part

Polyethylene pipe of transition fitting is manufactured from Yellow PE-80 resin in accordance with ASTM 2513 (size) and ISO 4437 (raw material.)

O’ Rings

2qty NITRILE (BUNA-N) O’ Rings are used at 2 ends of transition joint for gas tight and tamper proofing.


Nominal size in inches ¾” 

SDR 11 

Avg OD inches 1.05 

Min WT inches 0.095 

Weight lb/ft 0.124

Steel Compression Sleeve Liner

At the transition portion of transition fitting pipe, a steel compression sleeve liner is placed to provide a pullout resistance of 3250N.

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