About Us

Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd is a family-owned business that began its journey in the early 1970s. The company was started by Muhammad Fayyaz and a group of skilled engineers who saw a need for high-quality, reliable gas pipeline pressure regulators and gas service valves for supply to the government sector. With a commitment to quality and precision, Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd quickly gained a reputation for excellence, and its products became highly sought-after by government agencies and private businesses alike.
Over time, Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd continued to grow, add several brands under its umbrella and expand its product line, moving beyond gas regulators and service valves to include a wide range of industrial products like hydraulic door closers, electrical wiring devices, and bathroom hardware accessories, gas pipeline PE fittings, auto parts for motorcycles. The company began manufacturing alloy wheels for cars and motorcycles, which quickly gained popularity among car enthusiasts and racing teams. Primo wheels are known for their durability, strength, and sleek design, and soon became a fixture in the automotive industry.
These products were designed to meet the same high standards of quality and reliability that had made Pak gas regulators so successful. With each new product line, Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd solidified its reputation as a leading manufacturer of industrial products. 
As a family-owned business, Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd has always placed a strong emphasis on the values of hard work, honesty, and integrity. The company's founders instilled these values in every aspect of the business, from product design to customer service. This commitment to excellence has allowed Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd to thrive in an industry where competition is fierce.
Today, Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd is still owned and operated by the same family that started it all those years ago. Despite its growth and success, the company has never lost sight of its roots, and continues to operate with the same dedication and passion that has made it a leader in the industrial products industry. From gas regulators to alloy wheels, door closers to bathroom accessories, Pak Precise Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd commitment to quality and innovation remains as strong as ever.