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Tamper Proof Gas Service Valves ¾” Size (With Tail Piece)

Tamper Proof Gas Service Valves ¾” Size (With Tail Piece)

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Designand Dimension

According to drawing no. DLG 101-A


  1. Body:
    Cast gray iron as ASTM-A126 Grade WCB 
  2. Plug:
    Special High Copper Brass Alloy as per BS 1400 LG2-C. The sealing surface of the plug and body is coated with the special compounded lubricant of petroleum Base Grease 733’ Eclipse lubricant No. 53 or
  3. Washer:
    Special High Copper Brass Alloy as per BS 1400 LG2-C. 
  4. Hex
    Nut: Forged Steel ASTM A-105 Grade – 1 
  5. Union
    Coupling: Forged steel ASTM A-105, Grade-I 
  6. Insulated
    Tail Piece: Zinc plated steel (ASTM A-105) construction with integrally molded
    Nylon insulator.
    Insulation of coupling meets the following
    test requirements: 

I. Dielectric strength: Flash over voltage 2KV
II. Compressive strength torque applied without destruction is 50 lbs/ft.
III. Breaking torque is approximately 100 lbs/ft
IV. Flammability: Does not burn over direct flame.
V. Thermal Property: Safe & Operating Temperature 60ºC (max)
VI. Resistance:

a) Weathering 2 KV
b) Water 5 KV
c) Acid (6% Solution) 5 KV
d) Petrol 5 KV


The valve body is in black finish. One end female threads ¾” BSP 

and the outlet end is female screwed union coupling.

Temper Proof

The plug is tamper proof so that the hexagonal nut and plug are not easily removed while in service in live gas mains.

Operating Pressure

The maximum allowable operating pressure is 150 Psig.

The Maximum Testing Pressure

The maximum testing pressure is 210 Psig. 

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