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Polyethylene Coupling

Polyethylene Coupling

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Polyethylene Thermoplastic Fittings for installation on IPS medium density polyethylene pipe of SDR 10/11 produced from PE-80 resin.
Size: ¾” IPS
Fusion Type: Socket

Molded PE2406/PE2708 fittings are:

  • Manufactured and tested to the requirements of ASTM D2513 and ASTM D2683 and are sized for use with pipe conforming to ASTM D2513.
  • Molded from a virgin yellow medium density resin in accordance with SNGPL material specifications requirements and material specifications listed in ASTM D3350.
  • Compatible for heat fusion with any pipe or fitting manufactured from a like or similar resin.
  • PE2406/PE2708 fittings have been qualified for fusion using ASTM D2657 generic fusion procedures.
  • Measurements are done in accordance with ASTM D2122.


  • Can be used with all socket fusion methods.
  • PE2406/2708 fittings are engineered for use on MDPE Pipe.
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